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The Basic SPFX Kit contains all the essential items you need to get stared in Special Effects Makeup. Create wounds, scars, bruises, burns and basic characters with HUB Makeup's best FX sellers, all packaged at a discounted price. This kit is perfect for students, FX beginners and general lovers of blood and gore! The SPFX Kit is optional for students, however it is recommended for Diploma students. This Kit can be used to practice with at home and on Work Experience jobs.


Matte Spirit Gum 1oz

Liquid Latex 4oz

Bond Off! 4oz

Dark Blood 2oz

Thick Blood 1oz

Caster Sealer 2oz

Gel effects Kit 1oz

Crepe hair 1pk

Nose & Scar Wax 2oz

Stipple sponge

Ben Nye Flat SPFX Brush FB–7

Master Bruise Wheel Professional Wheel

White, Red and Black Wheel Professional Wheel

Serve Exposure Wheel F/X Wheel

Rainbow Wheel Professional Wheel

Serve Exposure Wheel F/X Wheel

Character Wheel F/X Wheel


Student price $235.00 AUD  (GST inclusive)  

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