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Student Application Form

Student Application Form

Before completing this form, please ensure that you have read the Additional Student Application Form Information and the Payment Agreement Form





We recognize that students learn from work or life experience as well as through their study. As such, we recognise prior educational achievements gained by students and this basis we may grant a pass for subjects in our courses based on your previous learning experiences.

Your previous learning may have occurred through courses provided by professional bodies, voluntary associations, private enterprise, work or other forms of practical and life experience. Recognising your prior learning means that you may not have to re-learn skills and knowledge already gained. Students must provide evidence of prior learning or current competencies and this evidence may include (but is not limited to) certified copies of relevant Statements of Attainment of Certificates issued by another RTO under the Australian Qualifications Framework 2013, current resumes, position descriptions, employer reference relating to the student’s experience, performance appraisals, portfolio or photographs of previous work or a demonstration of your skills.

Due to the practical and integrated nature of our classes students may still be required to attend classes even though your prior learning or current competencies are recognised. While the Academy will endeavor to offer flexible training arrangements, students should also note that the practical & integrated nature of our classes means that the Academy may only be able to offer training at certain times and locations.

No discount to course fees is offered for recognition of prior learning or current competencies. Fees will apply for RPL, see Fee Schedule Payment form.

Students wishing to apply for RPL or RCC must request a copy of the Academy’s RPL/RCC (Recognition) Evidence Guide, the Portfolio Assessment Application Form & the Portfolio Assessment Fee Schedule Payment form. RPL or RCC can ONLY be applied for before enrolment or at the time of enrolling. Applications received after this time will not be considered.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Fees

To apply for any RPL, a once off application fee of $100 applies in total (regardless of the number of units applied for RPL) In addition to your application fee, an additional $50 per unit is payable. Please note, no discount is applied to full course costs.


National recognition is a process that involves gaining credit transfers for competencies/course modules studied with another training organization. Students who have successfully completed any of the competencies/modules covered in either Certificate IV in Screen and Media or Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Makeup Services) may be eligible for credit transfer.

The Academy of Makeup will recognize Qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by another Australian Registered Training Organisation. No discount to course fees is offered for recognition of prior learning or current competencies.


Applicants must have completed Year 10 (or equivalent) and be 16 years or older in order to apply to study at the Academy. Students under 18 years of age must include a copy of their most recent school report/academic transcript with their enrolment application. Students under 18 years of age may also be required to attend a preliminary interview to assess their eligibility for the course. All students applying for a VET Student Loan will be required to meet eligibility and suitability requirements. The Academy reserves the right to refuse entry, exclude and/or expel students from the course who fail to meet minimum course requirements, based on their suitability of the course, any conflict of interest that may occur and if they fail to meet the age requirement. In addition, students may be required to attend a pre-enrolment interview to assess their suitability to the course. Students must have an adequately stocked brush roll & the recommended tools, kit & consumables to study a course at the Academy. Diploma students also require the Airbrush Kit, Hairstyling Kit, Hair Extensions Kit, SPFX Kit and the Industry Tools kit (Tools and Equipment required for class). Makeup Kits for out of class practice can be purchased from the Academy of Makeup web site. It is highly recommended that all students have a makeup kit. Having your own makeup kit increases your opportunities for out of class practice & work experience.


To enrol in any course at the Academy, students must complete the online enrolment form. A deposit will be required for some courses, to secure your position.

On receipt of the enrolment form, deposit (if required) or other approval (such as a VET Student Loan), the Academy will contact the student to confirm the enrolment or to advise that a preliminary interview or more information is required. Once entry requirements have been met, the enrolment will be confirmed.


Acceptable Payment Methods are:


• Credit Card (not AMEX or Diners Card)

• Bank Cheque (Personal Cheques are not accepted)

• Direct Deposit


  • Credit card only

If you are paying by credit card, all payments will be automatically processed on the due date, without further notice. You will receive an invoice when each payment is processed. All payments must be made on the due date as per the students signed Payment Plan Agreement form. It is the students responsibility to make payments as per Payment Plan method specified by yourself on the date scheduled.

If a payment is late, you will not be allowed to attend or you will be requested to leave class until you make that outstanding payment. You may return to class once this fee is paid. It is your responsibility to make up any missed classes in accordance with the Academy’s Missed Class Policy. If a student has outstanding fees at the completion of their course, they will not be eligible to receive their qualification until all outstanding course fees are paid.

The enrolled student is responsible for all payments, regardless of whether they are made by you or by a third party. If a payment from yourself or a third party is dishonored, it is the students’ responsibility to make this payment and follow it up with the Administration department.


The Academy recognizes that there may be cases where students are faced with certain barriers to education and training. For example, some students may have special requirements relating to language, literacy or numeracy. The Academy will use its reasonable endeavors to offer students a solution, or form of assistance, which helps to satisfy the student’s special requirements. Students are asked to contact the Academy of Makeup, if they have special requirements in these circumstances. At the start of each course students will undertake a language, literacy and numeracy test to assist with the assessment of their special requirements. Your enrolment form also requests information relating to language and comprehension.

The Academy of Makeup will use its best endeavors to provide assistance to students with learning difficulties or specific needs. However, the Academy will not be liable (nor will there be any refund of course fees) if students or guardians fail to disclose information about a students learning (or potential) learning difficulties or specific needs.

The enrolled student has a duty to disclose in writing to the Academy of Makeup any illness, disability and/or learning difficulty that may affect their academic performance. Such information will only be disclosed to relevant personnel for purposes of general student administration, planning and communication. If a pre-existing condition is not disclosed, the student may forfeit their right to extra guidance and support.

All students are required to complete the Language Literacy & Numeracy Test via the online link that will be sent to them after submitted their Enrolment Form. The Language Literacy & Numeracy Test will reflect the level of learning as per the ASQF levels. The student must complete their Language Literacy & Numeracy satisfactory to continue enrolment.


The Academy can assist students to obtain further information on welfare and guidance issues, including medical practitioners, other health care professionals, community services and emergency welfare assistance. For further information, contact the Academy.


The Academy of Makeup is committed to the safety and care of all students. Training staff have procedures in place to ensure maximum student safety and security whilst at the Academy. The Academy of Makeup will discuss these procedures with students on their first day of class and how student must contribute to the effectiveness of this policy.


All staff and students at the Academy must uphold a professional level of conduct. Students must comply with the Academy’s rules, regulations, policies, procedures and their trainer’s instructions at all times. If a student:

1. Continually fails to abide by the Academy’s rules and regulations (as per out in the course manual or policies), procedures or a trainer’s instructions; or

2. Continually disrupts the class or refuses to participate in class activities; or

3. Smokes or consumes (or is under the influence of) drugs or alcohol while in class or on work experience; or

4. Behaves in a discriminatory manner

The student will receive a verbal warning from their trainer. If the student fails or refuses to modify their conduct as requested by the trainer, the trainer will give them a written warning, requesting the student to stop the offensive behaviour. Students who receive two written warnings (which can be for different conduct) may be expelled from the Academy and will not receive any refund of any fees or other money paid to the Academy. In this case, the Academy is under no obligation to provide any further training, tuition or course notes. Trainers must provide students with proper training and guidance to ensure that they learn effectively. If students have concerns or complaints about their trainers, they should refer these to the RTO Manger of the Academy.


The Academy of Makeup will comply with, and on request provide information to staff and students about, all relevant legislation. Legislation relevant to our industry includes, but may not be limited to, the following:

VET Student Loans Act 2016 (Cth)

VET Student Loans (Charges) Act 2016 (Cth)

Vet Student Loans Rules 2016 (Cth)

National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011

Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2012:

Privacy Act 1988

Corporations Act 2001

Anti-Discrimination Act 191

Crimes Act 1914 (Cth)

Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

Work Health and Safety Acts

This and other relevant laws can be viewed in full on the Austlii we site, which is found at


The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector.

ASQA regulates courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met.

Further information about ASQA can be found at The Academy of Makeup endeavors to comply with ASQA via strategies, which have been implemented to reduce the risk of non-compliance with the Standards for

NVR Registered Training Organisations 2012. These strategies include annual audits of the Academy of Makeup Training Program, student feedback and industry verification.


Any changes to the documentation used in the Academy of Makeup training program can only be made in accordance with our Version Control policy. Unless absolutely imperative, no changes will be made to student training materials during a training course. This policy is outline d in the Academy of Makeup Code of Practice.

The Academy reserves the right to cancel or combine classes, provided this will not detrimentally affect the student assessments, in the event of unavoidable trainer illness or unavailability. In the case, the Academy is under no obligation to provide compensation or replacement tuition to students.


Students will receive a copy of our Attendance Policy regarding attendance requirements on the fist day of class. Failure to attend a specified number of classes may prevent the issue of a qualification. If attendance for any class is less than 4 students, the class may be cancelled, or re-scheduled, at the Academy’s discretion.

In some instances students are required to pride with own models for class. The Academy is not obliged to provide models for students. Students must bring all require materials, tools & equipment to all classes. Students may be deemed “not competent” on an assessment if they fail to bring items to an assessment.


On occasion, students will be required to bring a model to class. This will be pre-scheduled and dates will be communicated on the first day of class. For the majority of sessions, students will apply makeup to each other during practical activities. It’s a requirement for your course that you participate as both a makeup artist and a model for all necessary classes. Refusal to do so may result in disciplinary procedures. For pre-approved reasons, if you are unable to have makeup applied to you, you will need written approval from your head trainer and will be required to bring a model to all classes.


Throughout your course, you will need to makeup purchases of consumable to use in class. The Academy does not provide consumables for use by students. Consumables include the following (indicative prices are also set out, but may change, depending on where you but the items from). You will need to buy consumables more than once throughout your course. Many consumables can be purchased at HUB Makeup retail stores, and once you are enrolled as a student, you will receive a discount on many items purchased in the Gorgeous Cosmetics range. The Academy makes no representations that any of the prices below are exact. These prices are an indication only and your total cost will depend on where you buy the products, how many you buy and how often you buy them.

• Cotton wool, cotton buds, tissues – around $4 per packet

• Baby wipes – around $5 – $7

• Brush cleaner – around $20

• Mascara – around $30 each

• Eye pencils – around $20 each

• Disposable applicators and false lashes – around $20 per packet

• Makeup removers, face moisturiser

• Stationary, colour wheels etc $5 – $40
• Hand towel $7 – $10

• Tissues $3


The Academy of Makeup will use its best endeavours to ensure all students are issued with the most recent version of this document. However, all students acknowledge that the terms and conditions in this document may change at any time and the Academy is under no obligation to reissue them to students.